Living in Northern Ontario near the Quebec border, Jon Tobin grew up amongst a landscape and people who are representative of both traditional Canadian heritages. French and English meet in a place that is wild and rugged.  Watching highly skilled craftsmen create beautiful sleigh harnesses and other quality hand-built pieces with traditional methods  gave Tobin a unique perspective on how art and life intersect in traditional cultures. The French Canadian film  “My Oncle Antoine” is a story, a film and a setting the artist can identify with as Tobin’s childhood was very similar to that of the boy in the film. The severe winter in a small village were the child experiences the death of another child and the problems surrounding removing the body in winter. The love of winter and the  dynamics the season brings  in Canada are obvious in the artists drawings and paintings.

Reminiscent of French Canadian Ozias Leduc’s work and an early influence , Tobin’s paintings are spiritual in nature, using landscapes figurative and portraits to explore and address our sacred connection to the natural world.

Tobin’s drawings and paintings  including figurative portraiture and landscape work  have been sought after  around the world by art collectors.          Collectors have included  Brad Garrett, from the television series Everybody Loves Raymond.                                                                                                                                      Recently Jon Tobin produced commission pieces for Warner Brothers The Gilmore Girls Television series. Jon Tobin currently works out of his  a studio in Kitchener, Ontario.

Curriculum Vitae


Toronto, Ontario


  • 1986 – 1996  Study of Holocaust
  • University of Guelph, French Canadian Literature ; Wilfrid Laurier, Fine Art
  • 1985 – Pursued independent courses in fine arts including painting and photography
  • 1977 –  Graduated from the University of Waterloo majoring Fine Art and French Canadian Literature


  • 2012 – 2021  Exploration of Lilith Theme – Drawings and Paintings
  • 2009 – Urban Winter – Studio Exhibition
  • 2008 – The Young Muse – Studio Exhibition
  • 2006 – Gilmore Girls site specific and purchased commission
  • 2006 – One Of A Kind Show Toronto
  • 2006 – Willow Gallery Toronto
  • 2006 – Homer Watson Gallery
  • 2004 – Willow Gallery
  • 2002 – Paintings Exploring Landscape – Willow Gallery
  • 2001 – Gallery 96 Group show
  • 1997 – 1999 Artworks Kitchener City Hall
  • 1988 – Landreth Gallery Cambridge Landscape Paintings, Group show
  • 1992 – Hazelton Lanes Toronto, Installation using Stained Glass
  • 1984 – 2003 One of A Kind Show Toronto
  • 1982 – 1983 Studio Exhibition Paintings [ research into Holocaust ]

Related Arts Experience

  • Currently in Fine Arts  Studio Jon Tobin
  • Plays blues and jazz guitar with a focus on improvisation.
  • Assisted in designing and participated in an outreach art program for
    children in outlying communities in Southern Ontario. This innovative
    program allowed children the opportunity to explore different mediums.


  • Served on selection committee for Start Gallery Kitchener, Ontario
  • Participated in selecting sculpture for entrance to the city of Kitchener
  • Served on Board of Directors Waterloo Regional Arts Council